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Why Homeowners Love Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services


When you have a security system in place, you know that your items and loved ones are protected. Even when you’re not home, you want to be able to check in and know that the status quo is maintained. That’s where remote services come in to play.

By simply accessing the Honeywell Total Connect app or logging in to the website, you can view live footage from the video cameras installed your home. Most homeowners who have remote services set up on top of their security system love it. Here are some of the reasons why:

Catch Burglars In Action

Whether you’ve set up notifications or just happened to be looking in on your smartphone, you can catch a burglar breaking into your home. The video cameras capture footage of the thief as they’re looting your house. If the police hasn’t already been alerted, you can do so yourself. The video cameras also allow you so take still images to identify the burglars. This actually happened in Hancock County in 2014. Find out how the burglars were arrested and what the homeowner recommends in this post.

Keep An Eye On Delivered Packages

You’ve been tracking that package for days wondering when will it finally get to your house. In the middle of your afternoon at work, you check the Fedex delivery status and realize it got dropped off an hour ago. No signature needed. A big box just laying in front of you house begging someone to steal it. With an outdoor security camera and Honeywell Total Connect, you can remotely keep an eye on the package - at least until you ask your neighbor for a favor or get off work early. If the package does manage to be stolen, the footage can help law enforcement officers track down the thief. In Indianapolis, one Fedex package thief was caught red-handed on a video camera. Read all about how that homeowner’s security system helped them reclaim hundreds of dollars worth of jewelry.

Why Homeowners Love Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services

Stress Less About Pets

Whether you’re at work or on vacation, your pets are home and unsupervised. You know how they can get when they’re left alone. With Total Connect, you can see if they’re staying out of trouble. Maybe you have arranged for someone to walk the dog or feed the parrots. With a tap of your finger, your smartphone can pull up video from your security cameras so you can make sure they’re there. You can even set up email notifications for a certain time of the day when the pet sitter’s coming. Learn more about stressing less about pets with remote access here.

Check On Your Kids and Elderly Parents

If your children come home from school while you’re at work, you can easily see them through the front door. If you have a certain area in your house that’s off limits, you can be alerted when your kid is sneaking in a peek. If you have elderly parents staying with you, it’s crucial that you know they’re taking their medication on time - or if they’ve injured themselves. With Honeywell’s security cameras and remote services, you can keep tabs on your loved ones right from your smartphone.

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