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Home Automation Makes Indy Homes Cozier This Winter


Indianapolis home in winter

photo credit: mroach via Flickr (license)

Winter is here in Indianapolis. Cheer up your home and gain peace of mind by installing a home automation system. These systems create the perfect mood in your home by letting you schedule your thermostat, lights, locks, and more. So relax in front of the fireplace or TV and have your home system do all the work for you.

Automate Your Thermostat

Waking up to a drafty home is anything but cozy. By using automated thermostats you can have your home’s temperature reflect your schedule and save on energy costs. With Honeywell’s Z-Wave thermostat you can schedule your thermostat to raise the temperature when get up for the day, lower it while you’re at work, and raise it again right before you get home. You can also set different zones in your home so that each area of the house is at the optimal temperature.

Put Your Lighting On A Schedule

There’s nothing better than coming home to a well-lit house. With home automation, you can set schedules to turn on your outside lights when you get home from work and to turn on certain inside lights as soon as you disarm your system. Indoor and outdoor lighting (including Christmas lights) can be scheduled at certain times of the day, during sunrise or sunset, or when events occur like arming or disarming your system. You can even set scenes to program your lighting, door locks and thermostat at the same time.

Stay Informed of Hazards With Alerts

It’s hard to be cozy and relaxed when you’re worried about your home and loved ones. Our automated security systems not only monitor your home for intruders. They also alert you to smoke and carbon monoxide dangers - even if you’re not at home - by sending alerts to your mobile device. We also offer systems that monitor your home for any dangerous freezing temperatures, floods, or water leaks so you can act immediately to protect your home against damage.

Keep Your Home Secure - Automatically

Have you ever been on the verge of sleep and then remembered that you forgot to lock your doors and so you get out of bed to check them? With home automation you can let your security system do the work for you. You can schedule your system to arm itself and lock your doors at a certain time each night or program it for scenes like “bedtime” where it locks all of your doors when prompted. You can also lock or unlock your door from your cellphone when you’re out and about.

Learn More About Home Automation Systems

Want to know more about how home automation systems can simplify your life and keep you comfortable year round? Call Guardhouse Security today at 317-602-5777 to learn more about the best home automation and security system in your home.